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REACH Career Development Core

In the Career Development core, interns gain a deeper understanding of cultural competence, forms of discrimination and health disparities as well as information on strategies to accomplish their target career paths.


The main outcome is to broaden the scope of interns’ career interests with topics of mental health disparities and community outreach and strengthen their academic applications.

REACH Career Development Topics

Wellness and Conflict Resolution

This session instructs on programmatic and institutional resources and strategies interns have access to communicate concerns or personal conflicts and strategies for conflict resolution as well as robust vigilance on wellness and fatigue in a work environment.


Health and Mental Health Disparities

These sessions instruct on addressing racial disparities –particularly in mental disorders and autism care, as well as the need for visibility and community outreach on these issues.


Cultural Competence

These sessions instruct on disparities experienced by underrepresented peoples and some of the underlying causes of such disparities, as well as topics on microaggressions, and the need for visibility and community outreach on these issues.


Disparities in Science. This session introduces systemic, structural, institutional and individual discrimination and the challenges of underrepresented minorities to achieve higher education degrees and jobs in science professions.


Careers in Science & Role Models

These sessions instruct on the School of Graduate Studies PhD and MD/PhD tracks and the application process. Interns meet with invited research and clinical faculty and graduate and medical students and residents to discuss their own experiences in chosen career paths and best strategies to pursue these careers.


Science and Community

These sessions generate a space for interns to discuss with invited speakers their role and responsibility as scientists in their communities.


Anika Daniels-Osaze Ed. MPH

Director, Office of Diversity Education and Research. DHSU


Marcus Lambert PhD

Associate Vice President for Research Strategy and Operations, DHSU


Mary Valmont PhD

Associate Executive Director, Health Science Academy, AAIUH


Carla Boutin-Foster MD MSc

Associate Dean for Diversity Education and Research. DHSU

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