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Alumni 2018

Reache 2018.jpg

Social Cue Processing in a Rat Model of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Emily Cardenas, Saaqib Chauhdry,

Stanley Ligon


Natasha Bobrowski-Khoury, PhD candidate

Prof. Juan Marcos Alarcon, PhD

Exploring Learning Patterns in CFD Model Rats

Renaldine Compere, Isabel Valle,

Kenneth Zhen


Marco A. Diaz, Medical Student

Prof. John Kubie, PhD

Does exposure to neurotypical rats improve the social preference of autistic model rats?

Storm Alexander, Maxime Guilbaud,

Zemima Hossain, Olufunke Sowole


Ana Lopez, Medical Student

Alyssa Chwick, Pediatric Resident

Prof. Juan Marcos Alarcon, PhD

The effect of environmental enrichment on the cerebral folate deficiency model of ASD

Shanae Phillips, Saige Rhoden, Tasfia Taj


Julie Parato, PhD candidate

Michael Tekin, PhD candidate

Prof. Juan Marcos Alarcon, PhD

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