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Alumni 2021

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In 2021 we recruited 17 brilliant interns: 10 high school and 7 college students.

Please click on the titles below to learn more of their amazing research projects on ASD.

Music Exposure and Behavior in a Mouse Model of ASD

Nya Alexander, Sarai Brown-Pantaleon,

Nabil Shamee, Demetria White


Jenessa Holder, PhD candidate

Prof. Diana Dow-Edwards, PhD

Cortical Circuitry Underlying Hyperfixation in ASD

Joanne Andre, Melanie Cruz

Morsaline Mozahid, Aia Roshdi


Daniel Mishan, PhD candidate

Prof. Juan Marcos Alarcon, PhD

Gene expression in the FMR1 KO mouse model of Autism

Kiera Achee, Arianna Barzola,

Alexander Forrest, Habibatou Koureichi


Isaac Vingan, PhD candidate

Prof. Oleg Evgrafov, PhD

Correlation between PFC and amygdala in a mouse model of ASD

Lucia Flores, Marlen Galicia,

Ridha Rashid, Jessica DeJesus, Shamya Dillon


Lindsay Kenney, PhD candidate

Prof. Ivan Hernandez, PhD

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