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Alumni 2017

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In 2017 we recruited 9 amazing interns: 4 high school and 5 college students.

Please click on the titles below to learn more about their research projects on ASD.

A Study of High and Low Cognitive Demand in FMRP KO mice to Model ASD

Alexander Jackson, Elizabeth Ogundare, Alana Watt


Natasha Bobrowski-Khoury, PhD candidate

Prof. Juan Marcos Alarcon, PhD

Evaluation of Synaptic Function in the Hippocampal Circuit of an ASD Mouse Model

​Marie Ceant, Ashley Jackman, Kwame Tannis


Ifeoma Ezeoke, Medical Student

Rudolf Abdelmessih, Research Assistant

Prof. Juan Marcos Alarcon, PhD

The Effects of Object Play and Social Interaction on GLUR1 Levels in a Mouse Model of Autism (FMR1 KO)

Marco Diaz-Cordova, Athena Stenor,

J’Nique Williams


Rebekah Cesar, Medical Student

Joey Bukai, Research Assistant

Prof. Juan Marcos Alarcon, PhD

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